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Goebel - "The Dancer" - Artist Mug


61,00 лв.

 The Dancer - Hades, the King of Darkness, falls in love with Persephone when he sees her picking sunflowers. Daughter of Demeter, Goddess of Harvest and Plants, Persephone is abducted by Hades who wants her to live with him in his cold and dark winter kingdom. To prevent a curse of famine, caused by all plants dying from a lack of sunshine, Zeus decides to unite Hades and Persephone by celebrating their marriage in an embracing dance to launch every season : Summer when Persephone is back home, Autumn when Demeter is sad because her daughter has to go soon, Winter when she is in the underworld and Spring when Demeter is looking forward to Persephone's return. 

Artist Mug The Dancer 
Porcelain, height: 11 cm / 0.4 l 
with gold decor 
Recommended to clean by hand with a mild cleanser to preserve the brilliant colours and gold decor.

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French-born (Lille, 1950) artist, DELAMONICA, carries us joyfully playfully through a myriad of stories inspired from legends, myths, tales and biblical accounts. His huge paintings are reminiscent of lavish jigsaw puzzles, with their intricate detail, archetypes, characters and animals from diverse pictorial traditions. The viewer is enchanted by their dream-like, colourful poetry and wanders along with the artist through the labyrinths of faith, as well as through life's mysteries, recalling stories from the artist's childhood. We listen with joy to the celestial music and rhythms emerging from the artist's pictorial fantasy.

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