Rosina Wachtmeister

Rosina Wachtmeister

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  1. Goebel - Novella e Savino - Annual Cat 2015

    Goebel - Novella e Savino - Annual Cat 2015

    208,00 лв.
    Annual Cat 2015 Novella e Savino Porcelain, height: 17.55 cm With Swarovski® crystals and golden sun Limited Edition: 10000 pieces with certificate Learn More

  2. Goebel - Sevelto nel cesto!

    Goebel - Sevelto nel cesto!

    98,00 лв.
    Most cat owners can certainly confirm that their pets also like to hide from time to time. But in this case the two larger cats have hidden the youngest in the basket. Cat trio - off to basket! "Sevelto nel cesto", height: 8.5 cm Learn More

  3. Goebel - "Di tutto cuore"

    Goebel - "Di tutto cuore"

    98,00 лв.
    This laying cat brings a heart along. From the heart, 12 x 6 cm Learn More

  4. Goebel - "Desiderio del cuore"

    Goebel - "Desiderio del cuore"

    94,00 лв.
    The two cats Di tutto cuore and Desiderio del cuore are a perfect team. Heart's desire, height: 10.5 cm Learn More

  5. Goebel - "Al chiaro di luna" - figure

    Goebel - "Al chiaro di luna" - figure

    122,00 лв.
    The midnight blue crescent moon was decorated with many golden stars. These two cats in love are enjoying the romantic mood in the moonlight. "Al chiaro di luna", height: 13 cm Learn More

  6. Goebel - "Amelia e Bacco"

    Goebel - "Amelia e Bacco"

    122,00 лв.
    Pair of cats in blue, height: 12.5 cm Learn More

  7. Goebel - "Crispino"

    Goebel - "Crispino"

    122,00 лв.
    Time for grooming... Cat, height: 16.5 cm Learn More